Tübitak 4004 Education of Nature and Science Schools

Within the framework of TÜBİTAK 4004 Education of Nature and Science Schools Program, the "Science and Art in the Küre Mountains" camp was organized by our faculty.

Review meeting of the "Küre Mountains Science and Art" camp which lasts 3 days was held by our faculty members. Prof. Dr. Çetin Semerci, Dean of Faculty of Education, lecturers, research assistants and children participated in the camp together with their parents participated in the meeting held at Bartın University Conference Hall.
Project Coordinator Res. Asst. Yasemin Büyükşahin stated that 40 children and their mothers were in the camp in two different groups within the scope of the project and added that "Our aim was to ensure the link between society, nature and science in our children together with their parents. Luckily, we have performed various activities for 3 days in the Küre Mountains National Park which will provide this relationship. We made it possible for our children to learn and to have fun in the nature, away from the smartphones and the internet. We showed the mothers that children should also be able to have fun in this way, and they need to be more conscious about the issue."
Küre Mountains National Park Directorate and Provincial Health Directorate also supported the project prepared by Education Faculty of our University. Asst. Prof. Dr. Seçil Kartopu, Lecturer Reha Sarikaya, Res. Asst. Bekir Güler, Res. Asst. Ismail Eyüpoğlu and undergraduate students took part in the project as trainers in addition to Büyükşahin.









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  • Tübitak 4004 Education of Nature and Science Schools