Bartın University Continues to Advance in the Field of Education

Bartın University maintained its high position in the field of 'Social Sciences and Humanities - Education' among universities in Turkey in the 'Competency Analysis of Universities by Field' report prepared by TÜBİTAK in the year 2023. Bartın University ranked 5th in the Quality dimension (Graph 1-114), following Boğaziçi University, METU, Adıyaman University, and Bilkent University. Additionally, our university has shown an improvement in the Volume dimension of the Education field compared to previous reports.

In the same report, Bartın University's Competency Map (Graph 2-25) also revealed that the Education field holds a high position in both the Quality and Volume dimensions. Our faculty, in line with its Strategic Goals, Vision, and Mission, continues to ensure the sustainability of quality by maintaining the rise in competencies in the field of Education and striving for continuous development and progress.
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  • Bartın University Continues to Advance in the Field of Education

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