The Art of Living in Nature Project was found eligible to be supported by TUBITAK

The “Art of Living in Nature” project led by Dr. Sema Sulak Güzey who is a faculty member of the Department of Educational Sciences, Department of Measurement and Evaluation in Education, has been granted within the scope of TUBITAK 4004 - Nature Education and Science Schools Support Program 2023/1 call.
With the project, it is aimed to provide preschool teachers with the competence to apply the nature and forest school approach, to gain nature awareness in teachers and to develop the ability to design nature-friendly preschool education activities. For this purpose, place-based trainings are being organized in Amasra, Balamba Nature Park and Ulukaya Waterfall Hiking Trail between 26 June – 1 July 2024.
Academicians from Bartın University, Ege University and Isparta University of Applied Sciences, field expert trainers and guides are involved in the project, and 25 preschool teachers from different provinces of Turkey will participate in the project.
  • The Art of Living in Nature Project was found eligible to be supported by TUBITAK

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