Martyrs of 15th July was commemorated with Paintings.

Opening ceremony of "15th July Victory of Democracy and Commemoration of Martyrs Program" prepared by our university was held with the inclusion of students' paintings.
The "15th of July Martyr Painting Exhibition" prepared by the students of our university was opened. 50 photographs of oil painting, charcoal and posters were exhibited at Government Street in Bartin city center. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Bartın Governor Nusret Dirim celebrated the students of our university for their sensitivity and stated "Our country has returned from the horizon of a great catastrophe on the night of July 15, 2016. That day Turkish people experienced a dramatic, painful and unforgettable day. Hopefully, Turkish Nation will never have such a painful experience again.We will never forget the people of that day and the martyrs of Democracy on July 15. And today, our martyrs were depicted and their experiences were conveyed in the most beautiful way on the exhibition organized by Bartın University.
President of our university Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun stated that gratitude to the "Democracy Martyrs" was expressed through the exhibition. He added that "15th July is a great heroic legend of nationalism. Despite the fact that two years have elapsed, our nation still carries the spirit of national unity and solidarity with a national consciousness. We ccan observe this spirit in our students' paintings exhibited here. We see all of our martyrs, especially our martyrs on 15th July, with mercy, I wish our veterans a healthy and long life." Photos of the events in Istanbul and Ankara in the night of the coup attempt were included in the exhibition by the Governorship of Bartın.









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  • Martyrs of 15th July was commemorated with Paintings.

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